Frequently Asked Questions/Game Rules:

Can I play

What are the Rules?

Rent-a-bot Policy


Can I play?

Absolutely!  Beerandbots mission is to make robotics and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) learning accessible to everyone.  To compete/play in one of our events you have a few options:

Option 1: Rent-a-bot:

B&B will have “rental” bots at our events.  For a nominal fee you can use our bot!   You can rent-a-bot for an entire event for a small fee and deposit.  Read more about our rent-a-bot policies here.

Rent-a-bots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Option 2: Buy-a-bot:

B&B has ready-to-run bots and buid-it-yourself bot kits available for sale on our web page and at our events.  We try to focus on modular designs so that you can add to or modify your bots easily to make them more competitive.

  • It takes some $ to keep the lights on, so we will be charging a small entry fee for BYObots.
  • ·Each complete kit you buy and register w/ us will entitle you to 10% off the entry fees at future B&B events

Option 3: BYObot:

So you’re already an experienced bot-building genius?  Great!  Bring your own bot!  Just a couple things to remember:

  • It takes some $ to keep the lights on, so we will be charging a small entry fee for BYObots
  • BYObots are required to comply with the applicable rules for our competition
  • Keep it safe!  B&B reserves the right to disqualify any bot (or bot driver) for any reason – but particularly for any unsafe design or operation

What are the Games?  What are the rules?

Our events and rules are intended to keep the competition fun – while keeping costs low.  To that end, our events are limited to bots weighing less than 1.1lbs (500g).  We plan to host 3 main competitions within our events – Plastic Ant Battles, Mini Sumo Battles, and Robot Foosball.  Note that not all competitions will necessarily be held at every event, so make sure to check our schedule

General Rules:

Event Timing/On-Deck Policy:

  • Bots must be fully functional and ready compete when called by event organizers.  First, Second, and Final Calls will be made prior to event start.  Bots not present in starting position will forfeit.

Pit Area Cleanliness & Safety:

  • B&B events will be hosted at facilities (bars, breweries, etc.) that will generally have limited space for pit areas and tools.  B&B and the event location owners reserve the right to limit the size of pit areas and tools used.  No soldering irons, grinding devices, etc. may be used.  Pit area size may be limited.  Drink minimums and/or cover charges may be required depending on event location.  The intent of this rule is to make sure that we’re all having fun, being safe, and being good citizens at the facilities we compete at. 

Driver Conduct:

  • ONLY B&B AUTHORIZED individuals may open/close arena doors
  • Bots must be un-powered and fully under control when not competing
  • Any and all weapons must be fully immobilized except when in arena
  • B&B reserves the right to exclude any driver/bot from any of our events for any safety, sportsmanship, or general behavioral issue.

Audience conduct:

  • ·       Down-in-front is required for all viewing.  In order to allow everyone to enjoy our events only bot drivers will be allowed in the area immediately around the arena. 

Plastic Ant Bot Battles

Think “Battlebots” + Plastic.  Plastic Ant weight bots are <= 1lb and are limited to plastic (3D printed, laser cut, etc.) materials for their structure.

B&B Plastic Ant Rules:

Our events are generally hosted at locations that do not have capacity for large/sprawling pit areas, and we want to make sure that “newbies” have a chance to enter the hobby.  As a result, some additional rules and caveats apply:


  • The B&B Arena may have passive and active hazards, including but not limited to pits and obstacles.  Our hope is that this rewards robot driving precision and control – not just raw destructiveness.  Arena hazards will be designed to minimize damage to bots, but bot owners compete at their own risk.  B&B is not responsible for any damage caused by arena hazards.


  • Means of control – including Bluetooth and Wifi or equivalent RF communication are allowed, as long as signals are not interfering with other bots.

Active Weapon/Fairness Rules:

  • We anticipate that experienced bot builders may compete in our events with well engineered/powerful/destructive bots (even in the 1lb ant class).  Because of the limited pit facilities and our mission of getting new people into the hobby, we reserve the right to limit bots with active weapons (saws, blades, full body spinners, etc.) to different classes
  • B&B owned “Rent-a-bots” may not compete in events w/ active weapon bots (you are welcome to buy the bot outright and compete at your own risk!)

Mini Sumo Bot Battles


Mini Sumo Battle

Mini Sumo Battle


Mini Sumo (MS from here) battles are as the name suggests, sumo battles, fought by bots.  Unlike the Plastic Ants, Mini Sumo bots are AUTONOMOUS – they drive under their own control using information from their sensors and onboard computing.  Mini Sumo battles are fought in a ring called a Dohyo which has a black surface in the center and a white ring around the perimeter.  When one bot is pushed out of the ring they lose!

  • Mini Sumo bots must be no more than 10cm x 10cm when measured in their normal driving condition (ie wheels or tracks on the ground) and must weigh no more than 500g
  • Our MS battles are fought in accordance with the Robothon Mini Sumo rules

Robot Foosball

 Its foosball for the 21st Century!  Score goals win game.  Pretty simple.

Bot Dimensions:

  • Unless otherwise noted, Foosbots must be 10cm x 10cm in the driving orientation and under 500g (your mini sumo bot can play!)

Active Weapons:

  • No active weapons (blades, full body spinners, etc.) are allowed
  • Actuators for directing and/or shooting the ball are allowed, but may not be used for offensive attacks against opponents
  • B&B reserves the right to disqualify any bots/weapons that appear to violate the spirit of these rules


  • Games will consist of 2 Five Minute halves
  • Teams will be evenly matched with either two or three bots per side – to be determined by event organizer prior to event.
  • ·All bots will begin each half fully on their side of the center line.
  •  The ball will be “dropped” with a foosball style drop tube in the center of the field to begin play.
  • Foosbots may not actively attempt to block access to their goal, except in the course of normal defensive play
  • Foosbots may not enter either goal
  • Foosbots may not cover or conceal the game ball
  • Stuck ball:
    • If the ball becomes stuck/trapped during play the referee will whistle to stop play and return the to the center for a new ball drop
  • Stuck/disabled bots:
    • If a bot becomes stuck or disabled, the ref may whistle to stop play. 
    • If functional, the bot will be returned its starting side and play will resume with a dropped ball.
    •  If non-functional, the bot will be removed from play.  Once repaired, It may be returned by the referee at the next stoppage of play.


  • B&B Referee will be identified at beginning of match.
  • Ref’s signal will indicate start and end of match. 
  • When whistle blows at any point during the match, play must stop an all bots must cease driving/movement

Tell me about Rent-a-bot.

Beerandbots will provide ready-to-run bots at our events for a small usage fee.  Please note the following:

  • Rent-a-bots are available on a first-come/first-served basis
  • Rentals will include the bot itself, the controller, and the batteries required to power the bot.  Prior to beginning the rental, B&B staff will provide a check-out verifying bot is fully functional
  • Beerandbots requires a credit card and valid ID to for rental. 
  • B&B will charge a damage deposit equal to the cost of replacement of bot, controllers and batteries which will be refunded upon return of bot. 
    • Rent-a-bots may ONLY be driven/used in the event area or in a practice area designated by B&B staff
    • Our bots are made to be tough and repairable - we anticipate that some cosmetic damage may happen during the course of our events (the cost of which is built into the rental fee).  However, damage caused by deliberate abuse or misuse may result in disqualification from event and/or activation of our "you break it - you buy it" policy.  The bot renter may be charged the replacement cost of the bot.