Thanks for visiting!  We host events at local (Seattle/Puget Sound area) bars, breweries and other venues where you can bring your bot to compete.  We offer bots that you can rent and kits you can buy.  Beerandbots specializes in mini-sumo and plastic-ant (less than 1 lb) robots, and generally apply rules that would let your bot compete in other events, like the always awesome Western Allied Robotics (WAR) events two times a year.

Beerandbots is committed to STEM education and Open Source Hardware and Software.  Our code and many of our CAD files will be made available for non-commercial use.  Our events will typically donate a portion of their proceeds to a local STEM charity or school (check the specific event information to see who we're supporting).  Send us an email if you have a suggestion is an authorized distributor of Pololu products and will be adding new Beerandbots boards and bots soon!